Party for Your Ears | MYZICA’s “Love and Desire”


Yesterday, I had a bit of a crisis. I kept coming across new amazing music and in a panicked tizzy, I thought, “How am I supposed to fit listening to all of this in today?!?”

The first thing you should do is give Myzica’s “Love and Desire” a spin. For quite some time now, I’ve placed anything Micah Tawlks creates on a (very tall) pedestal… and this is no exception. For the past year and a half, Micah has teamed up Isaaca Byrd on their project, MYZICA. Today, their first album drops.

I Couldn’t Possibly Fail This Time


I’ve started and stopped lots of blogs. I think the primary failure is that I’ve tried to keep it focused on too narrow of a subject.

The problem is that I’m fascinated by a lot. LIKE REALLY FASCINATED. Give me a funny cat video and I’ll probably laugh at it harder than any adult should… but also, show me an in-depth marketing case study, and I could get lost for hours.